Welcome to GreenGlobe Natural Foods!

We are driven by passion of delivering the best food products to our customers, because we understand that the Food is life. Our journey into creativity has its origins in the journey of life on this planet.

Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet is composed of five basic elements. These are: Sky, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

In fact, in every creation - animate as well as inanimate - one can find a fine mix of all the five 'Elements' in varying degrees, depending on the structure, nature and function of that object. Each element, in turn, is rich with its own intrinsic quality and property to influence a creation or being.

  • Earth: Houses the soil, landscape, flora and fauna.
  • Water: Source of life - and it flows within all of us.
  • Air: Air, which can also be linked to space and atmosphere is a powerful life source that is important to sustain life.
  • Fire: Source of energy and light.
  • Sky: Sky is the vast open space that accommodates everything. The clear blue sky above us acts as a shelter to the earth in the day, while at night it serves as a gateway to the starry galaxies that exist light years ahead of us.

Human life exists, blossoms and flourishes in abundance, when all these five elements of life are present in a state of harmony.
With our brand 5 Elements, we make sure that the products offered by us - fulfils all the positive and synergistic qualities of the five core elements of life. Every product of ours - is an attempt to have wholesomeness, nutritious & taste with aesthetic appeal to your plate. With savouring our products one is assured of experiencing a world of wholesomeness, positive energy and well -being.